Varón Osorio is from Mérida, Yucatán, México. He is a bilingual student, educator, artist, and entrepreneur who has lived in both México and the United States throughout his life. This has given him a clear understanding of how both cultures interact with one another, as well as understanding most commonalities and differences in both countries. He has now accumulated 20 years’ experience in teaching both the English and Spanish languages.

​At a young age, he completed advanced studies in English, Spanish, Latin, and Classic Greek grammars. He has also been an etymology enthusiast for many years. ​Varón has taught students of all ages from over 40 nations in elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, universities, and many private language schools in both countries. Currently, he is focusing his efforts in creating Boulder Spanish to offer effective and reliable methods for language learning, in addition to opening bridges of community engagement among cultures.